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2022-07-20 23:37:02 By : Mr. tengzhong tec

Rounds 11-20 today, concluding the draft.

The MLB draft concludes today with rounds 11-20 taking place beginning at 1 p.m. CT with coverage exclusively online at MLB.com. The players selected today will be mostly college players to fill out A-ball rosters, although you may see teams try to lure a few high school players if they have some wiggle room in their bonus pool.

The Royals have taken nothing but college players in their first ten picks, we’ll see if they try to land one of the prep players.

Best available after Day 2. Unsurprisingly it's all HS: 1. LHP Tristan Smith 2. C Malcolm Moore 3. RHP Jaden Noot 4. RHP Caden Dana 5. OF Ryan Clifford 6. SS Cameron Smith 7. C Brady Neal 8. OF Gavin Turley 9. SS/RHP Gavin Guidry 10. SS Jalin Floreshttps://t.co/nXEJhFshsq